Mia Hamm Named To AS Roma’s Board Of Directors

From The Vancouver Sun:

Soccer star Mia Hamm [was] nominated to Italian club Roma’s board of directors Monday…

The 42-year-old Hamm helped the United States to two World Cup titles, including the inaugural edition in 1991 in China, and won the women’s FIFA world player of the year award in 2001 and 2002 — the first two times that honour was given.

Roma is traded on the Milan stock exchange and the nominations were made at a club shareholder meeting.

Hamm is not a club investor, Roma said.

Is there anything this woman can’t do? I mean seriously she is US Soccer’s version of Wonder Woman. Because men’s sports are always more popular Landon Donovan always seems to get the most credit for advancing soccer within the US but I think it could easily be argued that Mia Hamm had done more than him given the context of what they have done for their US soccer within their sex. Mia Hamm helped begin a very strong tradition of dominant American women soccer players and I bet most of our current USWNT count Mia Hamm as one of their soccer idols. She is an incredible athlete and even better ambassador for the sport of soccer both within the US and around the world. She may just be one of a few on a Board Of Directors now but I can see her becoming the first female GM of a male professional soccer team.*


* Please correct me if I am wrong about this and if there have been women in  this position before. I couldn’t find anything during my search but I could be wrong.


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