London’s Highbury Square- The Soccer Stadium Turned Luxury Condo Complex


The team called Arsenal Stadium their home from 1913-2006. More commonly known as Highbury, the stadium shut its doors when the team moved to their new grounds at Emirates Stadium. Rather than put a bulldozer to Highbury, the team converted much of the stadium into luxury condos. What once was a 40-thousand fan stadium now is 724 apartments.

Developers looked to keep as much of the feel from the old stadium as possible while still providing a great living experience for residents. The art deco exterior the stadium was known for was retained. The players’ tunnel, marble halls and bronze bust of legendary manager Herbert Chapman also all remain. Intricate gardens now make up what was once the playing field.

Living where your favorite team won 13 titles doesn’t come cheap. Units in the complex currently for sale range from $800k-$1.8m. A small price to pay to count ex-Arsenal star Robert Pires as a neighbor. Pires was one of the first to snap up a unit when they went on sale in 2007.

Legendary. That is the only way to describe this. I am not an Arsenal fan but my own admission I would live here in a heartbeat. Highbury was a place with such a rich history and to have the ability to live within that sacred ground would be transcendent. The building and grounds have a very ornate and modern feel to them that I’m sure it would be hard for an Arsenal fan with dispensable cash to not buy one of these, or any person living in England with dispensable income for that matter. This blog will have to get a lot more popular before I can even dream of affording a apartment there one day.


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