MLS Announces Season Ticket Holders Can Get Their Faces On MLS Team Jerseys


MLS announced on Monday that in August 2015, season ticket holders will be given the opportunity to have pictures of their faces printed within the numbers on the back of player jerseys at their favorite club. Teams will wear these special numbers on their home, road and alternate jerseys during all regular-season games in August…

Each MLS club will make this initiative available to a specific number of qualifying season ticket holders, who will be sent an email providing them access to a portal on the club’s website. Once there, those fans will then be able to select the number (0-9) and the location within that number to upload their picture in the same manner in which they would pick seats on a airline flight.

Just when I thought MLS had run out of ideas to appeal to its fans it comes up with an idea like this and pushes the envelope even further. What season ticket holder would not be proud to know their face is on the jersey of their favorite team? If I was a season ticket holder who had my face on a jersey I would never stop wearing that jersey. Also imagine all the Instagram/Facebook/Twitter posts this will generate. Now I have to figure out how to get season tickets and my face on a jersey before it is too late.


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