GoPro Footage: See Pre-Season Training Through The Eyes Of Everton U21s Stopper Russell Griffiths!

From The Independent:

Goalkeepers aren’t known for their stamina, pace or ability to last for 90 minutes in England’s top flight – or at any level of football – but Under-21 goalkeeper Russell Griffiths shows even stoppers need to be at the peak of fitness to make it to the top.

This looks exhausting. Goalkeeping may seem easy at times because there are some games where a keeper has no saves to make. However, they always have to be in top-top shape to react at a moments notice. Even though they aren’t running several miles in a game they can endure exhausting periods of time protecting the goal. Their challenge is equivalent to a boxer where quick moments of action can be incredibly strenuous and tiring. No wonder Tim Howard looks so ripped in the magazine covers where he has his shirt off.


P.S. If you have been counting that is two references to Tim Howard’s chiseled body within less than a week. Obsessed much?


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