NY/NJ Red Bulls Selling The Team? Thierry Henry Not Getting A Contract Extension? Rumors Abound

Several different sources are claiming that the Red Bull ownership is interested in selling their stake in the NY Red Bulls to better focus on their European sports ownerships. The rumors are not a reflection on the state of the team or the league but based more so on business interests since global Red Bulls profits are down.

According to SI:

One source says that if a buyer approached Red Bull and offered $300 million for the Red Bulls and their stadium, the deal would get done within 48 hours. In fact, team and stadium sale talks were indeed held by Red Bull a couple years ago with a New Jersey-based investor group and then again with Manchester City before the club acquired its MLS expansion franchise along with the New York Yankees, but neither set of talks led anywhere.

This rumored split is supposedly directly intwined with the rumors of Thierry Henry not being resigned by the club after this season. Since the new club may not be around for much longer they do not want to sign a large contract that could become an albatross for future owners of the club. No contract extension for Thierry Henry along with shelved plans for a USL Pro Club all seem to be indicators of the New York Red Bulls impending sale.

These rumors are not confirmed but there seem to be many signs that point to some truth behind them. It remains to be seen if a sale is made but if it did it would be interesting to see who would make the purchase and what changes it would bring to the club.


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