Complete List Of MLS Player Salaries From 2014

Click here for the complete list of MLS player salaries in alphabetical order. Some of the highest paid players are Michael Bradley ($6.5 million), Thierry Henry ($4.35 million), Clint Dempsey (6.7 million), and  Jermaine Defoe ($6.1 million). Kaka has the highest salary with $7.2 million.

Here are two of Sports Illustrated takeaways (Of the 5):

  1. • Kaka and David Villa have very differently-structured contracts. Kaka may be getting millions, but NYCFC’s David Villa is listed as receiving a suspiciously low $60,000 in guaranteed compensation. understands that the structures of the individual players’ contracts are responsible for the massive difference in salary, and that the number next to Villa’s name will be much higher next season
  2. In all, 15 players are millionaires. The aforementioned Kaka, Dempsey, Bradley, Defoe, Jones, and Ridgewell are part of this list.The millionaire’s club also includes Galaxy’s Landon Donovan ($4.6 million), Omar Gonzalez ($1.2 million), and Robbie Keane ($4.5 million), Montreal’s Marco Di Vaio ($2.6 million), New York’s Tim Cahill ($3.6 million) and Thierry Henry ($4.3 million), Seattle’s Obafemi Martins ($1.7 million), Toronto FC’s Gilberto ($1.2 million), and Vancouver’s Pedro Morales ($1.4 million)

An important thing to note is that the league minimum is $36,500. This league has a lot of players who are making a great living playing in MLS but there are a lot of players who are making the equivalent of a entry-level salary in the sports industry. It is a livable wage but nothing compared to the league minimum of other American sports leagues.



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