LA Galaxy Interested In Signing Andrea Pirlo To Replace Landon Donovan

There have been unconfirmed rumors as of late that the LA Galaxy are interested in signing Andrea Pirlo to replace the soon-to-retire Landon Donovan. At the moment Andrea Pirlo is under contract until 2016 with Juventus but he is 35 years old and it is possible Juventus may want to cash in on the aging star. Although his transfer would fit into the popular critique of MLS being a retirement league this would not be entirely true in regards to Andrea Pirlo. Of course, if he was in his prime he would not be going to MLS but even at the age of 35 he is still a player with plenty to offer. That is why Juventus signed him to a two-year extension over the summer. Pirlo is a world-class player with plenty of tread left on his tires. Since he plays as a deep-lying midfielder who tasked with seeing the field and being the maestro of the offense he does not mean to run much to be effective. At the rate he is going he could play until he is 40. Switching out the dynamic Landon Donovan for the more strategic Andrea Pirlo is not a like for like switch but it would no doubt improve the team. Hopefully these rumors turn out to be true because Andrea Pirlo is a once-in-a-lifetime playmaker and MLS has never seen a talent like him before. According to sources, LA Galaxy want him to sign so he will be available for the beginning of the 2015 MLS season. which would be halfway through the Serie A season. Hopefully LA backs off and does not scare him away.



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