Euro 2020 Host Cities Announced

Who would have thought? Wembley hosts the semis and finals of Euro 2020. The rest are as follows:

The quarter-finals and three group matches will be held in Munich (Germany), Baku (Azerbaijan), Rome (Italy) and St Petersburg (Russia).

The other host cities that will hold three group games and a last 16 game are Copenhagen (Denmark), Bucharest (Romania), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Bilbao (Spain), Budapest (Hungary) and Brussels (Belgium).

There are some fun cities in this mix and why not kick off your pathway to the weekend with a nice pairing with your Euro 2020 game zones. There is nothing better than six years of preparation for your most endearing 2020 beer moments!

Brussels – Everyone wants that Leffe blonde kind of like that chick with blonde hair eying you up from the end of the bar. Listen, it’s time for a change. Live adventurously and enjoy Leffe Brune.


Budapest – Hungarian beer? Absolutely, as long as the goulash comes along with it as a package deal. Enjoy this IPA for a nice kick. Don’t stand up too fast!


Amsterdam – Like Dutch beers need an introduction. That pyramid below will get you through the first half of any nightmarish performance by your team.

dutch beer

Bucharest – Typically, you hear about Romanian women being imported into the United States as brides for the rich and famous. Let’s buck that trend and enjoy some imported Ursus beer instead!


Copenhagen – Denmark, light beer, soccer. Enough said. This beer strangely looks like water so if you end up having twelve just to keep yourself hydrated do not blame me when you wake up in Sonia’s house of shame.


Bilbao – Spain, known for its women and flamboyant footballers. Now enjoy a star in Estrella Galicia.


Munich – The homeland of the brew! Change it up and enjoy Paulaner and smile as Germany takes home the cup!


Baku – You don’t know where Baku is but you now know two different beer options as you watch the games played there. Enjoy these and enjoy the games!


Rome – O the land of wine….wait a minute! Rossini, enjoy in one gulp and Pirlo might bash an eyelid in some form of appreciation. That is neither here nor there though, enjoy Rossini and Italy!


St. Petersburg – Baltika looks like a beer everyone should have at least forty times in his or her life. How many is up to preference but no matter what always remember that if the number on the bottle times 4 is less than the total beer you have drunk that day, it might be time to put down the bottle and back away.

st petersburg

London – O, where champions are crowned. Why not give Newcastle some love because we all know they will not be getting any love in the Premier League for a long time!



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