Former German Goalkeeper Offered Professional Wrestling Contract By WWE

Above is Tim Wiese, former goalkeeper for Hoffenheim and the German international team. Surprisingly, he did not always look like that. In fact he had a normal build for the majority of his career, as pictured below.

According to Wiese, during the latter part of his career he became more and more stressed as he became a backup goalkeeper and as fans began to protest against him. These fans blamed Hoffenheim’s struggles on him. Therefore,

“Despite having a contract that ran until 2016, Wiese’s contract was mutually terminated in January this year, allowing the 32-year-old to concentrate on his new hobby. “I had to deal with all the negativity, and lifting weights is fun,” he added.

Once he was out of his contract, he began to focus on bodybuilding which led him to transform into the massive giant you see in the picture at the beginning of this article. News of his exploits made its way to the offices of the WWE which has since offered him a contract to become a professional wrestler. At the moment Tim Wiese is mulling it over but he would be a fool to turn the offer down. From the looks of it he would be the perfect WWE villain.



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