President Follows Through With World Cup Bet He Made With Belgian Prime Minister And Sends Him Two Cases Of Sam Adams


When Belgium played the USMNT in the knockout round of the 2014 World Cup President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo made a friendly bet that the loser would send the winner a few cases of their country’s best beer. It is very debatable whether Sam Adams is America’s best beer but since America has so many craft breweries it would be very hard to choose which beer he sent if he went with a more diminutive American craft brewer. Smart move by Obama to send beer from one the country’s largest craft breweries, as well as being a craft brewery named after one of this country’s founding fathers, because you can’t go wrong with that combination. It would have been interesting to see what Elio Di Rupo would have sent had he won since Belgium is home to many fine beers which each could have made a case to be called the country’s best beer. Come to think of it, thank God Belgium didn’t lose because that could have started a beer civil war in Belgium.

Also, I know Obama is just being funny when he says “See you in 2018” but for the sake of the USMNT they better hope they never face Belgium in 2018 because they will be even more talented than they are now.


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