MLS To Change Logo Before 2015 Season


I am a huge proponent of this move. The MLS logo has always looked childish and cartoony to me and from the sound of it the MLS reached that same conclusion after a survey of its fans. There will be those who want it to stay the same because of a misplaced sense of nostalgia but I think these people are the minority. When the league first came into being it was ridiculed for the laughable logos, uniforms, team names, and rules it had in place. Over time MLS has changed these aspects to great effect. However, the one thing that has remained from that time period has been the logo. Sure it may be a part of MLS history but almost twenty years of history is not enough to protect a silly looking logo from being changed. MLS has shown that it is not afraid to change and moves such as this will always be worth the risk/reward factor.



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