Players On Teams Qualifying For Euro 2016 Have Full-Time Jobs (Accountant, Bank Clerk, etc.)

(name, age, club – occupation)
Mattia Manzaroli, 21, San Giovanni – Office worker
Aldo Simoncini, 26, A.C. Libertas – Accountant
Federico Valentini, 30, S.P. Tre Penne – Bank clerk
Familiar feeling: Aldo Simoncini is beaten by Wesley Sneijder in an 11-0 defeat to Holland in the Euro 2012 qualification campaign
Familiar feeling: Aldo Simoncini is beaten by Wesley Sneijder in an 11-0 defeat to Holland in the Euro 2012 qualification campaign
Simone Bacciocchi, 35, Sporting Novafeltria – Hospital office worker
Gianluca Bollini, 32, Sporting NovaValmarecchia – Owns a removal company with his brother Fabio, who plays in midfield
Cristian Brolli, 20 – Student
Alessandro Della Valle, 30, Scot Due Emme – Bank clerk
Marco Muraccini, 21 – Student
Mirko Palazzi, 25 – Professional footballer with Rimini Calcio
Davide Simoncini, 26, Santa Giustina – Accountant
Damiano Vannucci, 35, La Fiorita – Gym owner
Fabio Vitaioli, 28, S.S. Murata – Owns a bar with his brother Matteo, who plays in midfield
Fabio Bollini, 29, S.S. Murata – Runs a removal firm with his brother Gianluca
Lorenzo Buscarini, 21, Cailungo – Student
Michele Cervellini, 24, Juvenes Dogana – Student
Enrico Cibelli, 25 – Barman
Matteo Coppini, 23, Atletico Montecchio – Works for an olive oil company
Alex Gasperoni, 28, S.P. Tre Penne – Owns a company which fits lighting in farm buildings
Pier Filippo Mazza, 24, Sant’Ermete Calcio – Student
Marco Rosti, 23, S.P. Tre Penne – Student
Matteo Vitaioli, 22, San Marino Calcio – Owns a bar with his brother Fabio
Alessandro Bianchi, 23, Folgore/Falciano – Shop worker
Manuel Marani, 28, U.S. Russi – Works for a soft drinks company
Danilo Rinaldi, 26 – Works for a furniture company


Above are just two rosters of teams that are currently attempting to qualify for Euro 2016. Needless to say, by a quick look at their rosters it is evident that they will not qualify for Euro 2016 even with the expanded field. I find this so fascinating though. Of course these teams will never make a World Cup or major tournament but what hospital office worker can say he’s an international soccer player. It is every soccer players dream to one day play for their country but for us soccer players who never had a shot at the pros it is hard not to wonder how awesome it would be just to live in a small island country and play for their national team. Losing 10-0 would not be much fun but it would be a small price to pay to be an international soccer player and get to do a little travel. It makes me wonder how I could become a citizen of one of these countries so I can tell my kids that I played against Van Persie or Cristiano Ronaldo. If anyone knows how please write in the comments below (I’m only half-joking).




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