College Soccer Has Quality Too!

The beauty of soccer is that at every age and skill level there is an opportunity to play and thrive. College soccer is an opportunity for those not ready for the pro level to extend their careers and hopefully find an opportunity to move to the next level at some point during or after their college tenure. There is some majestic work in these games and a lot of the time, credit is only given to the biggest teams in the land. More than just the Top 25 are capable of winning games and more than the Top 25 are capable of scoring some impressive goals. Check out the following…

Exhibit A: Bryant University works so hard to get themselves into overtime away from home at Buffalo. Overtime begins and this happens:

Exhibit B: Ohio Wesleyan scores an absolute screamer:

And there you have it. And that is just one weekend and two programs. As we progress in this column and the college scene starts to define itself, there will be more analysis and opinion thrown into this category. Reality is, I want you to give the college game a chance to begin to understand that there is some good soccer being played in parts of this country and it is worthwhile to give it a look!


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