Bundesliga To Live Stream Games To American Soccer Fans For Relatively Small Fee

Beginning September 1st, a new licensing agreement between GolTV and KlowdTv of Alexandria, Virginia  went into effect that allows live- streaming of all GolTV programming, in English and Spanish, to desktop and mobile devices. KlowdTV will also have native Chromecast and AppleTV integration to allow you to watch Bundesliga on your TV with a simple click of a button!.  What this means for American-based fans of the Bundesliga is that they will be able once again to view live, legally licensed  GolTV content (along with that of other networks) and get their fix of Bayern, Borussia Dortmund, Schalke, Hamburg and the other Bundesliga clubs each matchday in HD quality for a cost similar to a Netflix subscription.  Also included in that price is top-level live MMA, sports news, and adventure sports.

Bundeliga has long suffered from being on GolTV. Turn on your TV and put on the GolTV channel. If you managed to find it (its tough!) you will realize that you probably don’t get the channel. This is because GolTV is not included in most major sports packages. This has led to American soccer fans having limited access to Bundesliga games. However, with this new announcement American soccer fan will finally be able to consistently watch their favorite Bundesliga teams play without having to use nefarious websites to stream the games. This must only be temporary stop-gap though because the Bundesliga needs more TV distribution if it wants to compete against NBC Sports English Premier League coverage.

Source: http://bundesligafanatic.com/bundesliga-fanatic-exclusive-exciting-television-news/


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