Pope Endorses September 1st Interreligious Peace Match

VATICAN CITY (AP) –Pope Francis is backing an interreligious soccer match that will gather greats from around the globe and is aimed at promoting peace and raising money for at-risk kids…Argentina coach Gerardo Martino and Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger will put together teams featuring Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu and Buddhist players. Among those who have signed up: Lionel Messi, Filippo Inzaghi, Samuel Eto’o.

This is a great idea by Pope Francis. It is well-documented that he is a big soccer fan and there is no better way to raise awareness then with some of the games biggest stars. It would also be interesting to see the different religions of soccer players around the world as it will help give the audience a unique perspective on how religion has no effect on the abilities of a soccer player just like someone with a different religion makes them no different from any of us. Hopefully this game gets broadcast somewhere because I definitely want to support this endeavor and I’m sure the same can be said for people all over the world



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