Fantasy Premier League Round Up

Soccer people, as long as the Premier League season is, there is not a better incentive to stay tuned in than the opportunity for bragging rights. We don’t guarantee that opportunity (or your solid performance each week) in our fantasy premier leagues but what we do guarantee is constant enjoyment for all and the opportunity to have your name permanently etched into the93rdminute fantasy premier league championship glory! The winner of each league gets his fantasy league username added to our winners trophy which will be created and placed on our page for all of time. There is nothing better than a trophy, except that the next time you get angry it gets tossed our a window into a hurricane. Now, you can relive your past glory forever! So good luck and here are the current standings in our leagues…

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 12.14.58 PM


Here you can see that the MonStars are in full control of the board but alas, there are many weeks left to recreate the table!

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 12.16.48 PM


Some real barnburners in our head to head league this week. And some great overall performances thus far in our fantasy leagues. Keep on trucking and if you know any one that wants to join invite them to the league! There is still time to get involved!


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