Liverpool FC Fan’s You’ll Never Walk Alone Tattoo Saved His Life During 19-Hour Ordeal In Shark-Infested Waters

A Liverpool FC fan who was rescued after spending 19 hours in freezing, shark infested waters said his ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ tattoo kept him going. Australian Kim Thomsen this week spoke for the first time about the ordeal, in which his nephew and friend drowned. The grandad told Australia’s Channel 7 he had been fishing for snapper with nephew Sean Coffey, 23, and his friend Bryce Weppner, 24, in the sea near Leeman off the coast of Western Australia in August 2012 when two huge waves hit. The three were thrown out of the boat by the first wave and were unable to get rescue supplies when a second wave sunk their boat. His nephew Sean tried to swim to nearby Beagle Island, while the other two tried to swim with the current to the coast. Sean’s body was never found and friend Bryce drowned after drifting away from Kim. LFC supporter Kim was eventually found naked in the sea after he was spotted by a TV crew from Channel 7 in a helicopter. Speaking about his ordeal, Kim, who has a Liver Bird and the club’s motto You’ll Never Walk Alone tattooed on his arm, said: “I just had one thing to think about and that was my son.“We’ve both got the same tattoo and every time I took a stroke I could see that.”

This is both a tragic and uplifting story. Tragic because the nephew and friend were unable to survive but uplifting because of the perseverance Kim Thomsen showed in order to survive such a tremendous ordeal. There is something special about the Liverpool FC motto of “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” It transcends just what happens on the pitch and applies to the fans and their everyday lives. It has become especially poignant because of the Hillsborough tragedy. When we are in our darkest hours it is always reassuring to know that we are not alone.


h/t Barstool Sports


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