Pep Guardiola The Big Baby


Pep Guardiola was very angry after the end of the MLS All-Star game because of all the hard tackles the MLS players committed against his team. To a certain extent he was right, tackles such as the rash one Osvaldo Alonso committed, have no place in a friendly. What players on the field do though is sometimes out of the coaches control. Caleb Porter most likely did not tell his players to make rash tackles and play physical. Instead, the players did that instinctively because they wanted to win and prove themselves against one of the best club teams in the world. It was their chance to make a statement and you have to respect them for rising to the occasion, even if some of the tackles were unnecessary. Pep Guardiola was acting like an immature child when he didn’t shake Caleb Porter’s hand and it’s even more surprising that he has still remained stoic in his resolve not to apologize. Say what you want about “meaningless friendlies” but this game definitely helped Bayern Munich prepare for the upcoming grueling season and the MLS All Stars provided a good test for his team. Pep can take his issues with the referees (which he did) but at least shake your opposing coaches hand after a friendly. That just shows a complete lack of respect.


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