Landon Donovan To Announce Retirement (According To ESPN FC)


PORTLAND, Ore. — U.S. Soccer icon Landon Donovan will retire from the sport at the end of the current MLS season, multiple sources, including ESPN’s Taylor Twellman, confirmed to ESPN FC on Thursday.

I am speechless. Such a great American talent is about to be taken away from us. Personally I think he has a few more quality years left in the tank but after his “sabbatical” last year it isn’t surprising that he is choosing to hang up his cleats so soon. The desire and hard-work he used to possess seems to have dissipated, almost as if he lost his love for the game. It was probably this quality that Jurgen Klinsmann saw that led to him cutting Donovan from the USMNT. Whatever the reasons for his retirement, we should all thank Landon Donovan for what he has given to American soccer. He has been a true trailblazer for this sport in America and it is no doubt he will continue to promote the sport as he continues his career off the pitch.


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