Thailand’s Football-Crazed Fishermen and the Floating Pitch

In Koh Panyee, a tiny island floating off the coast of Thailand, a group of football-crazed fisherman encounter a unique problem: not an inch of dry land on which to play.Check out how a group of friends came up with idea that would eventually spawn one of the most successful football clubs in the southern Thailand, Koh Panyee.

This is why soccer is called the beautiful game. I honestly believe there’s no other sport in the world that could ignite so much devotion that the fans would build a floating field and continue to play despite suffering constant blisters. Although I love playing on fresh grass on a normal pitch, I have to admit that I’m jealous of this pitch. I think it would be a lot of fun to play on a floating pitch and it definitely leads to developing a good touch because a bad touch means you have to swim after the ball if it goes off. One day I wish I could go around the world and play on all the cool and innovative pitches people play on. This one would be first on the tour.


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