Groups E and F wrap up today and 7 teams are still alive for the next stage. We’ve had plenty of surprises so far with Italy and England taking flights home after yesterday’s games, and Iran is looking to add to the names of surprise participants in the knockout round.

Nigeria vs. Argentina

Lionel Messi has come through for Argentina with two dramatic game-winners and for this match in Group F we head to Mar del Plata, Argentina. Enjoy an Antares IPA as Argentina look to seal a first place spot for another South American side.

Iran vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina

Iran were so close to a historic result for their nation before Messi struck in injury time. Iran will need to score a couple goals (zero in the world cup so far) to give themselves a chance at the next round. Cheer on the underdogs with an Iran Bartar Castle Brau out of Tehran.




Honduras vs. Switzerland

Both teams are in need of a big-time win to expand their goal differential to give themselves an opportunity to move on regardless of the result in the other Group E match-up, although both will be rooting for a big game out of the French to ease their way. For this match-up we head to Stabio, Switzerland for their Bad Attitude Two Penny Porter.

France vs. Ecuador

France have put on a clinic in their opening matches, sitting on 6 points with a +6 goal differential. Ecuador are fighting for a second place position in group E and will hope France may play more conservatively given the French are essentially a lock for the first place spot. Enjoy an Andes Red Ale out of Quito, Ecuador.


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