World Cup Hops Day #13: Four Times the Fun

Today is a great day. You’ve already enjoyed a World Cup full of unassuming winners and classic underachievers. There have been enough goals scored to quell even the most anti-soccer “not enough goals scored” fan clubs. And still, the best is yet to come and today is no exception. Each game has its own intricacies and its going to be a fun day.

Japan vs Colombia

Colombian woman are an excellent sight for sore eyes and Colombia’s performances thus far in this World Cup are much of the same. Enjoy 3 Cordilleras Mestiza as Colombia secure the group with another win. Look for a 2 or 3 zero win for Los Cafeteros.

3 cordilleras 

Greece vs Ivory Coast

Do you choose the Greece defense or the Ivorians pace and athleticism in this game? The winner secures its place in the knock out stages. Didier Drogba’s swan song could be a game winner later on in this one. Hopefully, thie Craft Smoked Lager can help you get through the parts of this game that will lack any excitement at all. 2-0 for the Ivorians and Drogba’s legacy continues to grow.


Italy vs Uruguay

The marquee game of the day with the smoothest of the smooth at the helm. Pirlo and the Italian mafia need a good performance after a surprise defeat to Costa Rica. Uruguay is flying and world-biter Suarez is leading the pack. Italy needs to find its roots and defend better. Why not enjoy a nice Pieropan Soave Classico La Rocca wine during this game and channel your inner Pirlo when Uruguay is on the attack. Sit back, relax and enjoy what will be a fantastic match.


Costa Rica vs England


At some point, we all thought that England was going to enjoy this third round matchup as a way to clinch its knock out round appearance. We couldn’t have been further away from reality. England is out and Costa Rica is in. This one is about pride and as much as I’d like to see England win this game, Costa Rica is feeling too good to stop what they have started. 2-1 to the Costa Ricans sends England home empty handed. Enjoy Libertas Golden Ale as we close out Group D.


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