It feels as though the World Cup has just started but groups A and B will be finishing off group play today. Three games of significance will be played, with teams in Group A still unsure of who will move through and Group B looking to avoid a likely match-up against Brazil in the next round.

Netherlands vs. Chile

Holland have the edge over Chile thanks to their thumping of Spain on day 2 of the competition. But Chile have made themselves into a possible dark horse and won’t be going down without a fight. Enjoy the big game in Group B with a Grolsch out of their signature bottles.

Australia vs. Spain

It’s incredible to acknowledge Spain are playing only for pride in their last match of the 2014 World Cup after years long of dominance. The Australians are likely to show them a good game after narrowly being bested by Holland in their last match. Unfortunately the Aussies will be without their talisman, Tim Cahill, and the Spanish will not want to go home without at least 3 points. Have a Mahou Clasica out of Madrid in hopes Spain will show a little brilliance to put a smile on the fans’ faces.

Brazil vs. Cameroon

The Brazilians need three points and a superior goal differential relative to Mexico to assure themselves of a first place finish. Enjoy a Wals brew out of Belo Horizonte, Brazil to spur the hosts on to a top finish in Group A.

Croatia vs. Mexico

Tough to choose a side out of these two. Croatia were very unlucky in their opener versus the hosts and Mexico have been playing very exciting soccer. I’d like to see Modric and Croatia slip through but even more-so I just want a good game. Buy a lime and a 6-pack of Coronas to enjoy what I think will be the marquee match-up of day 12.


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