World Cup Hops Day #10: The Maestros Return

Today features arguably, some of the best performers of this young World Cup. Lionel Messi and Thomas Muller to name a couple. This day also gives a chance for Edin Dzeko and Bosnia to get off the mark. It is going to be a great day of games!

Argentina vs Iran

Iran already exceeded expectations by getting here. After a draw in the first round, I think the team can already go home happy. They say welcome to an Argentinian team that looked very dangerous going forward in its first round match. Honestly, we all know that Argentina has a 4-0 drubbing in the bag for this one. Enjoy Araucana Rojiza Fuerte and take in the master class that Argentina can and will be.

aruzucanaGermany vs Ghana

Ghana put in a good performance against the United States but found themselves on the wrong end of a late winner. Germany steamrolled Portugal and made a side picked to get out of the group look like a side destined for the next Sunday league match in Lisbon. Expect Germany to clinch its berth in next round. With the help of Club Premium Lager, Ghana might have a shot because if they are not on top of their game, Germany will have its way with them.



Nigeria vs Bosnia-Herzegovina

Mr. Dzeko and Co are a bit peeved after its opening round loss. Nigeria is a different animal than Argentina, a like comparing a cheetah to a lion. Cheetahs have speed as do lions, but lions have a tactical awareness about them and cheetahs do not. I am looking forward to Bosnia’s first win of the tournament and still expect them to move on to the second round. Why not enjoy Preminger along the way?




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