World Cup Hops Day #9: TGIF

It’s the ninth day of this glorious World Cup celebration and we could probably use a little bit of breather from these high stakes match-ups. Today Italy look to cement their place atop Group D, France and Switzerland battle for the number one spot in Group E, and two South American sides search for a route to the knockout stage.

Italy vs. Costa Rica

Costa Rica gained a surprising three points against a Uruguay side that looked much different in their 2-1 victory over England yesterday. Still, the smart money is on Italy this match and why not start your day with a Revelation Cat Black Knight. I expect Pirlo to be at his best again and put on a show against a defensively suspect Costa Rican team. This brew has received high marks from the critics, so treat yourself. TGIF!

Switzerland vs. France

A winner in this one would settle group E while a tie would be mutually beneficial. Let’s hope both sides aim for a route to the knockout stages and don’t hold anything back. Your next beer is a Saint Rieul Triple and deserves your utmost attention… as does Karim Benzema.

Honduras vs. Ecuador

Both teams in this fixture are merely trying to get a foothold. Scales are tipped in Ecuador’s favor but I wouldn’t bet the farm on them. How good does a Doggerlander Bongo’s IPA sound? No more need be said.






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