World Cup Hops Day #8: Rise or Falter

Today brings about some excellent games with a lot of knock-out round implications. The World Cup has already been full of shocks and surprises and I expect more of the same today!

Colombia vs Ivory Coast

Here comes a match between two teams looking to secure their place in the top spot of the group. Colombia coasted through its opening round while Ivory Coast had to come from behind to earn a 2-1 win. It is because of this that the perfect beer for this game Flag Speciale. Ivory Coast will be better than ever for its flag and its country if they want to win this game.

flag speciale

Uruguay vs England

bearded lady

Uruguay is coming off a bad loss. England is coming off an overhyped performance that resulted in a loss. This game is interesting because whoever wins this keeps its second round hopes alive. England needs more help than Uruguay so enjoy Magic Rock Bearded Lady while you watch this game. If the bearded lady looks half as good as Rooney’s hair plugs than England and your evening is in great shape!

Japan vs Greece

Japan and Greece are lonely at the bottom of Group C. One team is bound to get smoked so why not enjoy Craft Smoked Lager why you watch the beating. In reality, we hope this game has more than one goal but based on the recent form of both groups, it is not looking good for us!



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