Six more teams face one-another in their second matches of the tournament as groups A and B will continue to take shape. Netherlands will look to build upon their masterclass performance against the 2010 champions, while said champions Spain are in need of a big win. Croatia will be looking to keep themselves in contention of Group A in their match versus Cameroon, as their last group match against Mexico is likely to determine if they move on to the knockout round.

Netherlands vs. Australia

Open your day with a refreshing Amstel Light as Robin van Persie and Arjen Robben look to cement their place in the knockout stage and improve upon their form, if possible.

Spain vs. Chile

The Spanish could have used a drink after their thrashing at the hands of the Dutch on day two of the World Cup. Alhambra Reserva 1925 is the drink for this match in a surprisingly must-win for Spain.


Croatia vs. Cameroon

Finish off your day with a brew out of Zagreb, Croatia. Perhaps have Tamislov Tamno Pivo for dinner as it’s the strongest beer in Croatia (7.3% ABV), made with malt extract, and uses double malted barley. Croatia were a little unlucky it their opening match against the hosts and deserve a run at the knockout stages. And we fans deserve an exciting game on June 23rd when Croatia face Mexico.


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