World Cup Hops Day #6:

Another fun day of World Cup soccer, another opportunity for you to experience different countries with an adult soda to lead the way.

Belgium vs Algeria



Belgium is to beer as Russia is to Vodka or is it Belgium is to beer as Itunes is to music. Either way, Duvel is a great beer to start your day with today. We all know Belgium is going to take home the cup so we might as well enjoy each game along the way. Take a minute to celebrate Duvel’s history the celebrate Belgium’s 3-0 thumping of Algeria and we can all take a cab home.

Russia vs South Korea

I think it is obvious that as much as we would love to drink vodka during post, it is safe to say that none of us would make it through the game if we did. So we will head to South Korea for Oriental Brewery. We have an array of flavors below, none of which will save South Korea from its fate of the bottom of the group. I expect the Russians to take a shot of Stoli, hail Putin, and win with one with ease.


Brazil vs Mexico

The host nation plays game two against a confident Mexican side. There were many questions about the Brazilian team after day 1. This is largely to due to the fact that they nearly overlooked an impressive Croatian side. One thing we can’t overlook is Antarctica Cerveja. The title alone should keep you cool enough throughout this game so wherever you are, take a sip, relax, and enjoy this game!foto-antarctica-ppt


Stir Up the Pot!

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