The Ultimate USA World Cup Pump Up Compilation For Tonight

US Soccer released a new video today for the USA/Ghana game (Above) and it gave me a great idea to combine all the greatest USA World Cup videos to help the US soccer fans get themselves pumped up for tonight’s game (I love the Inception music on the first one). If you think of any I didn’t include then please put the link in the comments section. I also copied the lyrics of the US chants below so you know what to chant at the bar (It is a little outdated because it still includes the Eddie Johnson chant).

I Believe USMNT Chant

Leader: I
Crowd: I
Leader: I believe
Crowd: I believe
Leader: I believe that
Crowd: I believe that
Leader: I believe that we
Crowd: I believe that we
Leader: I believe that we will win!
Crowd: I believe that we will win! (Repeat several times)

And Where You Go, We’ll Follow – The American Outlaws

I Believe – American Outlaws Tribute (Celebrity Version)

ESPN promo American Outlaws

Donovan’s Game Winning Goal Against Algeria World Cup 2010

The World’s Reaction to Landon Donovan’s Game Winning Goal

Brian McBride Gets Bloody During 2006 World Cup

Flag Day 2014: #USMNT& Fans Sing Star-Spangled Banner

USMNT vs. Costa Rica: Highlights “The Snow Game”

We Stand United USMT Song

This is SportsCenter – Michael Bradley


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