World Cup Hops Day #4: South American Masterclass

Switzerland vs Ecuador

I will not sit here and tell you that I’ve had this beer before or that it will actually kill you. All I will say is that this Ecuadorian beer could definitely used to throw off the Swiss in their opening round get together. I suspect this beer burns like a cinnamon shot of whiskey and has after effects akin to a shot of tequila mixed with a double IPA. Sinner’s Total Death, when administered correctly, will end any opponent’s chance at glory. Look for Ecuador to take care of business in this game.


France vs Honduras

Imperial largely relates to an empire. I’ll tell you what, France nor Honduras have been known for their empires but both have done well to get themselves into the World Cup. France has more of the big names but Honduras has grit and the Western Hemisphere to carry them to the top. Enjoy this lightish beer and smile as you watch another great game!


Argentina vs Bosnia-Herzegovina

Eveveryone knows too many IPAs means lights out. This game has all the makings of a classic and the loser can be in a lot of trouble. Argentina is a favorite for this World Cup but look out for Bosnia-Herzogovina. There attack and overall team commitment is a little bit like the alcoholic content of this beer. Focused on beating you down and knocking you out. Enjoy the two different styles of play and savor the taste of this IPA while you watch!

Antares IPA


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