WORLD CUP HOPS DAY #3: Have 4, You Deserve ‘Em

That’s right! Four games will be played today, encompassing groups C and D. The feature presentation is another match-up of European footballing superpowers as Italy and England get their competitions underway. But before we get there, Columbia will look to ward off Greece and Uruguay will start its march towards the knockout stages with a match against Costa Rica. If you still want some more soccer after those three matches (which we know you do), then you’re in luck. Ivory Coast will battle Japan to round out Saturday’s world cup action.

Columbia vs. Greece

Columbia may be the favorites in this one, but let’s commemorate Greece’s fantastic run in Euro 2004 with a Volkan Santorini Black. Made with 100% Greek ingredients, a mixture of honey and citrus combined with a light black wheat lager make this sound like a perfect start to your footballing day. Always fun to root for the underdog. And this bad boy is “LAVA ROCK FILTERED”!!!

Uruguay vs. Costa Rica

Next we’ll step to a brew from Montevideo, Uruguay. Sounds beautiful. Something English would also be a good lead into the third game of the day. The name of this one is Cerveza Davok’s English Pale Ale.

England vs. Italy

Today’s feature match-up will require some innovation out of Liverpool’s attacking trio of Gerrard, Sturridge, and Sterling. Why not head back to the Reds’ backyard then to a brewery less than 4 miles (or about 6.5 km) from Anfield? You will never walk, or drink, alone with the Baltic Triangle Porter.

Ivory Coast vs. Japan

Finish off the day with an Orion Premium Draft Beer from Japan to spur on Shinji Kagawa and Co in their opener. Kagawa hasn’t made himself at home at Old Trafford or been the playmaker he was at Dortmund, but we’d love to see him regain some of that form. Here’s to you Shinji!



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