World Cup Hops Day #2: Bright and Smooth to Enjoy Your Day

Day two is the first regularly scheduled World Cup 2014 experience that the world gets to enjoy. We have three games on the docket, one of which could have massive implication in who finds their way into the knockout stages.

Mexico vs Honduras



Both teams national language is Spanish. Both teams need this game to start their world cup on the right foot. Both teams have a lot of questions that need to be answered. Tomorrow, enjoy Modelo Especial. Take in the crisp, refreshing flavor and watch as Mexico finally finds a way for Chicharito to get on the scoresheet.


Netherlands vs Spain

Whoever doesn’t think this game has massive implications in the next round does not deserve the beer you need for this game. They are an official sponsor of the Champions League and they always come up with some interesting and inviting commercials. Heineken is your beer of choice for this game. Smile, watch some good soccer and enjoy.




Chile vs Australia

So, when a beer is described as “Australian for beer,” and your country is largely known as an island paradise, it doesn’t really matter the quality of the beer just that you have it and enjoy it with your friends. I cannot tell and a lie and say Fosters tastes like a carefully brewed craft beer but if you want a taste of the nation that you can enjoy for hours on end without major repercussions the next day then this is the beer you need.


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