World Cup Hops Day 1: The Perfect Beer for Your Viewing Schedule

The World Cup is a great chance to enjoy soccer. What is more embedded in the culture of the sport than that of a beer made for the occasion? This daily post will line up the best beers you can have with your viewing schedule. It can’t hurt to have options to deal with all the “professional soccer analysts” you will run into in your travels.

Day #1 Brazil vs Croatia

This is the opening match, the pinnacle of world sport. This game will be viewed by billions of people. Because Brazil is the host nation we must find a pint brewed and raised somewhere in the Amazonian land. We would be silly not to choose a beer as important to the country as the men’s national team themselves. Today, Brahma is your beer of choice. If you can get your hands on the Brazilian staple enjoy it as you watch the Brazilians take on the Croats on the grandest stage, in front of the grandest audience, as part some of the richest history in world soccer.

This beer won’t be to drown your sorrows but to celebrate the world as one as we embark on a great month of soccer.



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