Bounce- This Is Not A Freestyle Movie

No wonder football is the most popular sport on earth : everyone can play, even me. For two years now, I’ve been lucky enough to travel in various countries with a ball as a faithfull companion. Along this great journey, it has experienced sand, grass, concrete and snow. It has also bounced back to me after hitting many walls. Cheers to the greatest game of all.

This is a short and simple movie, but boy is it fun to watch. I always get jealous of these filmmakers who get to explore their passions and then show them to the world. However, I am thankful that there are these creative types in the world of soccer and I believe that they are part of what makes the soccer culture so special. There are so many creative, devoted, and unique soccer fans out there, and it is a true pleasure to watch them provide more depth to the sport with their artistic creations through prose, film, art, and any other medium they choose to explore.


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