ESPN E:60 Report On Migrant Worker Living Conditions In Qatar

The atrocities being committed against migrant workers in Qatar is astounding. ESPN recently released an E:60 report into the living and working conditions of the migrant workers in Qatar and it will make you sick to your stomach. The video holds nothing back; it shows the deaths of fathers and husbands and the grief their deaths cause to their loved ones. The fact that such pain and anguish is being perpetrated in order to host a trivial sport event is appalling. I love soccer as much as the next guy, but not at the cost of the lives and well-being of fellow humans. Between the corruption and the human rights abuse there should be no other punishment then the condemnation of Qatar and stripping it of the right to host the 2022 World Cup. We as soccer fans and as human beings should protest watching this World Cup if it continues to be hosted in Qatar in 2022. Click the link below to see the E:60 video and pictures from the inhuman living conditions.

Business Insider: The Shockingly Awful Living Conditions Of Construction Workers In Qatar Before The 2022 World Cup



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