“We Stand United” Official USMNT World Cup Song?

“We Stand United” Written & Recorded by Branden Steineckert at Unknown Studios. 100% original lyrics & melody.

What does everyone think of this anthem that Branden Steineckert, the drummer for Rancid, wrote for the USMNT? He is a big soccer fan who wrote Real Salt Lake’s team song that they now sing before and during their games so he’s succeeded in this realm before. However, the question is whether this song good enough to be the official USMNT song. I  can’t knock the hustle, as it would be great to have an official USMNT fan song but I’m not sure if this is the one that deserves to receive that honor. It could grow on me though, so I won’t count it out yet, but I’d like to see other artists and fans try to one-up it before I give this one the crown.

What do you guys think?


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