NYC FC is stacking up…who will be next?


According the England’s Daily Mirror, Frank Lampard, former Chelsea midfielder, will be set on to join our dear El Guaje on a free transfer in the Big Apple. Lampard, originally acquired from west ham in ’01 for £11 million, has had a very successful career running the blues midfield. Prior to this news it had been rumored that he was mulling retirement. I’m glad he has decided against it. As I mentioned in my prior article about Villa’s potential transfer, it will be amazing to see such class play only an hour away by train.

According to the article, the two superstars were spotted at Manchester City’s Carrington complex to go over terms to their deals that have apparently been in progress since January, when the two players first met with newly appointed NYC FC coach Jason Kreis. Villa will be signed on for 3 years while Lampard is supposedly taking a pay cut from his hefty £150,000-a-week wage at Chelsea.

So NYC FC now has a class striker and a class maestro in the midfield…who will be next? Let us know your thoughts because this is only going to get more interesting.



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