The Art of Angles

There is something to be said for goal scorers. They are paid the most. They have flamboyant hair cuts. They have no problem wooing your local dime piece bartender. They also have no respect for physics and the ability of a ball to find the 192 square foot frame of the goal from ludicrous angles. Sometimes I wonder if there is magnetic force between the ball and the frame of the goal because some of these goals just don’t make sense.

Check out this video:

If this is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

How does this compare with some of the most memorable outrageous angle goals of our time? Check out some options below:

Everyone knows Roberto Carlos meant this:

Here is a 3-minute compilation of some goals that almost had no business being scored. A big shout out goes to one of all-time favorite Gabriel Batistuta. That man could score goals for fun.

Lastly, Brazilian players are known for the flair and the ability to make the immaculate look relatively normal. Here is a FIFA interview with Nelinho. He claims his famous World Cup goal was a shot and not a cross. You be the judge.

And the best impossible angle goal goes to??? Let me know in the comments!!


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