The Gooner Boom-Bust Cycle is 100% Accurate



This chart is from a few years ago but it still ever so pertinent to Arsenal fans today.  This past season has been perfectly depicted by the above chart.  Arsenal, once again, spent much of the summer on the sidelines of the transfer market.  Only until a deadline day signing of Mesut Ozil did the Gunner’s bring some quality to the club which raised expectations – and rightfully so (“Getting Better all the Time”).  Arsenal then spent the majority of 2013 atop the Premier League and their Champions League group table (“Walking on Sunshine”).  The inevitable difficult part of the schedule saw Arsenal drop points and fall from 1st to as low as 5th in the Premier League table in a matter of a 2-3 months as well as being knocked out of the Champions League by Bayern Munich (“Anger and Sorrow”).  Now, with a hefty “cash reserve”, Arsenal fans will be raising expectations this summer where the cycle will start all over again (“Dare we Dream?”).

Can Arsene Wenger break the cycle at some point?  Or will it be up to his eventual successor to try to eliminate the “anger and sorrow” of being an Arsenal fan?  At least Arsene has the chance to win a cup title for the first time since…well, here’s a website dedicated to keeping count.



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