American Futbol Movie- Two American Soccer Fans Document Their Journey To World Cup 2014

American Fútbol is a documentary project chronicling the journey of two American soccer fans looking to uncover the future of the American game, likely to feature a distinct Latin flavor.

These guys are enjoying what many of us soccer fans wish we could enjoy; the freedom to explore and interact with the beautiful world of soccer. They will travel from “the States through South and Central America along the Pan American Highway on their way to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.” What an idea! This has the potential to be a very intriguing documentary and I have confidence that these documentary makers will do an excellent job. It could be on par with Pelada, which I believe to be one of the best soccer documentaries ever made. The video above explains their project and please visit the link below to visit their blog and learn more about the project and how to donate.


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