New York City F.C. to Play at Yankee Stadium for Three Years



After several failed attempts to secure a stadium, and months after they missed their first of many self-imposed deadlines, NYCFC and the Yankees have announced that NYCFC has signed a three-year contract to use Yankees Stadium for their games starting in 2015. There are many who are concerned about this announcement because of the risks it poses to the field at Yankees stadium. The stadium has hosted many major soccer games but they are usually heavily prepared for and during one of the Yankees long road trips. However, the Yankees claim that they have analyzed this deal from many different angles and would not have signed it if they weren’t confident they could pull it off. The Yankees are a very well-run organization and they don’t “need” the money so if they are confident they can do it, then they can do it. The only negative here is that it looks as if NYCFC is having an even harder time finding a stadium then it looked if they had the forethought to sign the deal for three years. A cool, new stadium in New York City was one of the things that excited MLS and its fans about this team so hopefully they get this sorted out.




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