Liverpool Releases 2014/15 Kits
























When Liverpool first announced their partnership I was hesitant. Then they mentioned how much Warrior paid and I became ecstatic because they were paying much more than adidas and that extra cash would help fix Liverpool’s financial troubles. Warrior made this move because they wanted to branch out from the lacrosse business and into the highly lucrative soccer business. However, had I known they would be this bad at kit design I would not have welcomed the move with open arms. It’s uniforms like these that make me happy I bought the last Liverpool kit adidas designed. The away kit and alternate kit are so bad that it takes away from how subtly bad the home kit is. I was not the biggest fan of this year’s home kit but in comparison it is much better than this new one. I’m not trying to suggest Liverpool cancel it’s deal with Warrior but I am all for them sitting the Warrior designers down in a locked room and reconfiguring their fashion sense with some shock therapy.




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