EPL Scores Better TV Ratings In US Than MLB On Saturday

NBCSN’s telecast of Manchester United-Newcastle United match on Saturday out-drew both of the MLB games on Fox Sports 1 airing that day.

NBCSN drew 469,000 viewers for the match, which featured two clubs out of the title and top-4 picture.

The San Francisco Giants-Los Angeles Dodgers game drew 421,000 viewers, while the Minnesota Twins-Cleveland Indians drew 380,000 viewers.

Many years from now when soccer is the most popular sport in the United States. I will point to this article and tell everyone who voiced their dissent, “I told you so.” In 1996, when MLS started, if I had said “One day soccer  from another country would eclipse MLB is TV ratings”, even if it was only for one day, I would have been locked up in the looney bin alongside Chief Bramden and Randle McMurphy. It will be many years before this becomes a consistent occurrence, and several years after that till MLS achieves the same feat. However, remember this day folks, because it is yet another victory for soccer in America.

P.S. It wasn’t like this was even a good game. Newcastle is dreadful this year and Manchester United doesn’t even have a chance at qualifying for Champions League (unless they win it all this year which won’t happen), let alone winning the title.

Source: http://soccer.realgm.com/src_wiretap_archives/287/20140408/epl_scores_better_tv_ratings_in_us_than_mlb_on_saturday/


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