Suarez Plays 1-v-1 Against Boy with Down Syndrome at Local Park

As a die hard Liverpool fan I have tried in vain to explain to soccer fans that Luis Suarez is not the villain he is depicted as. Sure his passion sometimes boil over and causes him trouble but deep down he is a genuine human being. This story proves my point. In the middle of the media maelstrom surrounding his biting of Ivanovic Luis suarez saw a 7 year old boy with Downs Syndrome playing with a Liverpool ball in the park and started playing one-on-one with him. The parents were worried at first until they realized that this strange man was none other than Luis Suarez. Sometimes we let ourselves get carried away by fitting soccer players into pre-defined archetypes that prevent us from seeing them as human beings with both positive and negative characteristics. Like Frank Lampard and Jose Mourinho proved they are genuine people last week with their condolences to Shawn Kuykendall’s family and friends, so too does Luis Suarez with his random act of kindness towards this little boy. Read more about the story over at Soccerly who first reported the story.

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