Never Tell Me You Are Too Small To Play…Ever

After watching this video, there is no one that can ever tell me they are too small to play this beautiful game. Check out the “Ronal-teenios” below:

All of the sudden I feel like I really underachieved with the body I was given. These guys have some serious skill and compete well with men double their size. I couldn’t imagine the likes of Peter Crouch trying to keep up any of this group. The low center of gravity and ability to cut on a dime would be more than enough to break the ankles of the gargantuan center forward.

Check out this article about them from the Daily Mail:

Ronalteenios are Masterclass



One thought on “Never Tell Me You Are Too Small To Play…Ever”

  1. But no one particular acquainted with the contemporary reality of the South American match ought to have been particularly amazed.
    Like Ecuador a couple of many years ago, Venezuela’s star has been climbing with astonishing speed
    – in by itself a tribute to the remarkable increase in
    standards given that South America adopted the current marathon
    structure of qualifiers in 1996. In which earlier there experienced been massive
    gaps in between aggressive video games, out of the blue the
    South Us citizens had the sort of calendar that European national teams consider for granted, with typical qualifying matches, confirmed revenue, the chance to preserve a team
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    They are led by two-time Asian Player of the Calendar year Hidetoshi Nakata,
    who has performed skillfully in Europe in Italy and England considering that 1998.

    He is a gifted mixture of playmaker and ball-handler, and he will absolutely be one particular of the greatest
    keys to Japan’s achievement or failure. Some regard Nakata as the best participant
    that Japan has ever developed. Shunsuke Nakamura and Shinji Ono are the other mids who are based in Europe, and they the two carry the very same playmaking capability and instincts that make them so formidable.
    Nakamura will be vital to the Japanese offense.

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