FOX Sports Unveils New Soccer Documentary Series ‘Rise as One’

“Rise As One,” a groundbreaking six-episode soccer series showcasing some of the most uplifting stories in sport, bows on FOX Sports 1 March 25. The new documentary series, which will air in 55 countries around the planet, will showcase some of soccer most memorable and incredible tales in the run up to the 2014 World Cup.

Produced in conjunction with Budweiser as part of their fully integrated global campaign around the World Cup, “Rise As One” celebrates the humanity and perseverance found in sport, and how soccer’s global reach makes it uniquely inspiring.”

— Fox Sports

The debut episode, which aired earlier this week, is about “the powerful story of the Japanese women’s World Cup winning team, which overcame the devastation of the 2001 tsunami and the Fukushima disaster to become a focus of healing for their nation. The episode features key members of that 2011 squad, including star player Homare Sawa, coach Norio Sasaki, and Karina Maruyama, who worked part-time in the Fukushima power plant” (That documentary is the one embedded above). There will also be several more episodes including one focused on the tension filled match between the US and Iran in 1998 and another on the infamous “Christmas Truce” in France during World War I where the players temporarily laid down their weapons and played soccer against one another.

These documentaries give me every reason to be excited, and along with ESPN’s 30 for 30 soccer-centric documentaries, I believe we  US soccer fans are being very spoiled this. If only we were catered to every non-World Cup year as well, then that would be true bliss.

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One thought on “FOX Sports Unveils New Soccer Documentary Series ‘Rise as One’”

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