Coach Puts In Fan Who Was Criticizing His Team Into The Actual Game And He Ends Up Scoring

Harry Redknapp, in an excerpt from his book, tells of the time he was coaching West Ham against Oxford City in a pre-season friendly. During this game Harry kept hearing this one West Ham fan seated behind the bench criticizing the way West Ham was playing, especially their striker at the time Lee Chapman. West Ham had split their roster two play two friendlies on the same night. Therefore, after having made two substitutions in the game against Oxford City,  a West Ham player went down with an injury which left Harry in a predicament because he had no bench to resort to. So Harry turned around to the West Ham fan who had been heckling the team and said:

‘You’ve got some old bunny,’ I said. ‘Can you play as good as you talk?’
‘I’m better than Chapman,’ he said. ‘Right,’ I said. ‘Get your gear on.’ He thought I was joking. ‘What do you mean?’ he said. ‘You’re playing for West Ham,’ I told him.
He came back, kitted up and stood on the touchline. ‘Where do you play?’ I asked. ‘Up front,’ he said.

The fan came in and actually scored. He then proceeded to celebrate all over the field. That fan literally defined putting your money where your mouth is. Read more details of the story below in the Daily Mail article linked below.


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