Hans van der Meer’s “Dutch Fields” (Pictures Of Dutch Amateur Soccer Leagues)

Hans van de Meer is Dutch photographer who set out to photograph the amateur football leagues in the Netherlands many years ago. The pictures he took are a testament to the beauty and ugliness of soccer. Aging men, some of whom are out of shape, playing soccer with no spectators just for the love of the game. The soccer isn’t pretty but there’s something inspiring about these men playing the sport they love on the grassy fields where soccer first gained popularity. Beyond the bright lights of the soccer stadium, these amateur soccer leagues still exist and it is important to remember the roots of soccer and it’s inherent beauty. The beauty of soccer is not just found within the crossovers of Cristiano Ronaldo or the free kicks of Zinedine Zidane. The sport itself, no matter how poorly it is played, still has the ability to astound us. Check out the link below to see a slideshow of the pictures Hans van der Meer took for his acclaimed photography book “Hollandse Velden (Dutch Fields).” He also has another book filled with pictures of amateur soccer fields throughout Europe.



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