Arguments On Whether Or Not To Watch MLS

Below are two articles posted on Deadspin about watching the MLS. The first is written by a Deadspin columnist about why you shouldn’t watch MLS. He points to it’s draconian transfer rules and gimmicky fans amongst other things to convey that MLS is a sport not worth your time and attention. However, Deadspin was fair enough to put up a response by a former MLS player to argue that MLS deserves it’s fair chance in our convoluted sports landscape. Although he concedes that MLS has some major bugs within its architecture and that the fans can be hokey, he does make great points as to why MLS deserves some benefit of the doubt. If you are on the fence about MLS it is a good idea to read both articles and form you’re own conclusion. I for one have long held the belief that MLS has a lot of room for development in order to equal my love for the English Premier League and Bundesliga. Nevertheless, it is trending upwards and the more support it gets the faster it will get to where we as soccer-fanatics want it to be. What’s your opinion of MLS?



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