Both MLB and MLS Have Equal Support from Ages 12-17

2013 Luker on Trends, which is ESPN Sports Poll Annual Report, has reported that MLS has caught up to MLB in the age range of 12-17. ESPN goes on to highlight that the reason for this trend is because MLS has had strong growth these past few years and the age range of 12-17 is the first generation that MLS has existed for their entire lives. These kids didn’t know of the world before MLS and most of their lives they have had ready access to soccer on TV. Therefore, soccer has been commonplace to them all of their lives. This report is a testament to the growth of soccer in America and the very astute marketing and organization MLS has done in order to structure themselves as a viable option for the sports viewing public. Inch by inch they are crawling out of the category of “niche sport” and becoming more and more of a household name. To read more about these findings visit this link:


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